Kris Coffield advocates for socioeconomic equality, educational opportunity, and human rights. He has authored some of Hawai’i’s most progressive legislation, including the state’s sex trafficking ban (Act 206, 2016), revenge porn ban (Act 116, 2014), universal single-payer healthcare proposal (SB 1199, 2017), and an advanced biofuels pilot project initiative (SB 237, 2017). He has also drafted over twenty bills for the Hawai’i State Teachers Association, including the union’s constitutional amendment measures to improve education funding (SB 683 and SB 686, 2017) and Schools Our Keiki Deserve Act (SB 2586, 2016). He currently serves with the organizations listed below.

IMUAlliance, Founder and Executive Director

UNITE Hawai’i, Chairman of the Board

Hawai’i State Teachers Association, Government Relations Consultant

Stop the Sale Project, Freedom Director

Democratic Party of Hawai’i, Precinct 49-01 Vice President