Hope Notes

Life is not a linear journey. Everyday language often fails to encapsulate the depth of our emotional experiences. That is especially true for trauma survivors, who must find within the folds of an austere society fleeting sources of healing, empathy, and empowerment. While mending my own wounds as a survivor of a violent gang rape, I’ve found strength in focusing on my feelings at specific moments in time. These “power poems” are an attempt to recycle those moments as sparks of hope. We’re all trauma survivors. We’ve all felt pain. Yet, we each possess the power to create a more resilient and compassionate world, if we find the courage to build it together. For more, follow me on Facebook or Instagram.


Your most painful memories
are the armor you adorn to
face the uncertainty
of the new dawn.

– Kris Coffield · January 1, 2021


The stars are my friends.
Even on my stormiest nights,
they remind me to shine until
my light pierces the clouds
and scatters the shadows
away from the earth.

– Kris Coffield · December 11, 2020


Your shoulders bear witness
to battles that entire armies
lack the blades to fight.

– Kris Coffield · November 12, 2020


Truth cannot be overcome.
There is no time in which
reality is too much for
humanity to endure.
Even in darkness,
the world turns onward.
Squeeze my hand.
We will run among
the earth’s revolutions.

– Kris Coffield · October 29, 2020